Web Hosting



Our package includes hosting too, featuring 10GB NVMe SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email accounts.

All sites come with a free SSL certificate and are backed up daily.

Just £10 per month for our design, domain & hosting package.

Why do I need hosting?

All of the files associated with your website are stored on a specially configured computer so that they can be accessed safely by everyone on the internet. This is called hosting. In most cases, there isn't one computer just for your website, so many people use the same one. This is called shared hosting.

Fully featured

Our hosting is fully featured and meets the demands of most clients, offering large storage space, free SSL certificates, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases and daily backups, to mention a few.

Great Support

We're here to help, so whenever you need us just shout. If we don't answer immediately, you can be sure it won't be long before we get back to you.

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